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Who  is  the  ultimate  Power  &   Wisdom  of  GodWho  heals,  delivers  &  blesses  even  todayWho  is  freedom  for  the  broken  heartedWhose  language  is  Love


The Hub Church

Igniting nations for Christ

Here at the Hub Church we welcome you as family. Every single person is one that Christ lived, died and rose again for and our passion is to reveal His heart for you; right where you are.

God has graciously positioned us to awaken hearts and revive souls across the nations in this new decade of great harvest and revival.

It is our joy to “Rise up in splendour and be radiant” (Isaiah 60:1). We are unashamedly called to be the light of the world yet also be the servants that are willing to humbly wash feet.

It has been given to us to know prophetically the times and seasons that we are now in and, whilst fully surrendered to God, walk as ambassadors of Christ and carry His glory and power to a hurting and lost world.

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Fulfilling Gal 6:2, we are here to join with you in prayer and bring your needs before God. He is always faithful to answer and peacefully guard hearts and minds through Jesus!


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Hungry for the Word? Inspired by Matt 14:16, “You give them something to eat”, we invite you to feast with us on His word. Find our services online right here. Join in, be blessed and fed!


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Campus Location

You’re Invited!  Even though we carry the Living God within us, we are called to GATHER and not forsake meeting (Heb 10:25). Come and join us at one of our campus locations.


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Pastor Asher, is a dear friend and awesome man of God, but more than that he is a prophetic voice in this generation. Seeing him and his church community granted me the opportunity to see a tangible demonstration of God’s power. He moves in signs and wonders and integrity. We are happy to be affiliated with him as he is the Australian Director of the Apostolic and Prophetic Council (IAPC) Network of Revivalist and Churches. With a pure and powerful voice, a heart for God’s people, and a love for God’s presence, Pastor Asher and his family will be instrumental in ushering in the next great move of God.

– Dr. Kynan Bridges

God is raising up a group of young apostles around the world.  Pst. Asher is one of those who is on the forefront of apostolic leadership.  Many leaders have spoken of the significance of “hub” style churches that would emerge in the nations.  It is not without significance that Pst. Asher chose to name his church, HUB CHURCH.  It is a blending of a healthy local church and a strong apostolic outreach to the nations. I am inspired to watch Asher and Anneleise grow into their calling and destiny!

– Apostle Stephen Strader

Pastor Asher Sagayam and the HUB Church exhibit both a fiery love and honour for the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s word. The Hub Church is about community, friendship, honour, and encountering the love of Jesus. At The Hub Church, you’ll discover God intimately and find friendships too!

– Pastor Jennifer Eivaz

Asher Sagayam

Asher Sagayam is the Senior Pastor of The Hub Church, Newcastle. He is a spiritual father and committed shepherd to his church family.  As a vibrant preacher, Asher brings true spiritual food and the living water of Christ, in His fullness, to all who hunger and thirst.

Asher carries a strong prophetic and healing anointing and travels internationally as a preacher and crusade speaker; bringing love and hope to the nations. He serves as the Australian Director of the International Apostolic and Prophetic Council, led by Dr. Kynan Bridges. God uses Asher’s ministry to stir up a spiritual hunger in the body of Christ; awakening revival in churches throughout the world with the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit and the realness of Jesus. He is also the overseer of Peniel Faith Mission and churches in India.

Taking God at His Word

We hope you’re HUNGRY! God’s infallible Word is to be taken as our spiritual food and the very foundation of our lives. This daily Bread is Christ Himself (Matt 4:4), the shining light that guides us and the sword to defend us. Be blessed!

Kids' Hub

At the Hub Church, we have a passion to see children enter into the Kingdom of God from an early age. This is a Holy Spirit inspired and led ministry that not only feeds God’s word into the hearts and minds of youth but gives them the opportunity to have a voice for Jesus.

Friday Night Revival

Let the Spirit of God draw you to receive a fresh deposit of His word. Come to Friday Night Revival and let Almighty God revive your life for His glory! During these nights, the Holy Spirit is poured out to heal, save, deliver, prophesy, encourage and ignite a supernatural hunger in your soul for more of Him. 

Children's Ministry

Let the Spirit of God draw you to receive a fresh deposit of His word. Come to Friday Night Revival and let Almighty God revive your life for His glory! During these nights, the Holy Spirit is poured out to heal, save, deliver, prophesy, encourage and ignite a supernatural hunger in your soul for more of Him. 

Breaking the Climate of Fear

Fear has no power in the life of a Christian and is broken in the name of Jesus! Join us live online through Facebook or YouTube for this weekly Thursday program.

“Faith can move mountains”

– Matthew 17:20

A Hub of testimonies

After a fantastic sermon that was preached that day, Pastor Grant accurately prophesied as he prayed for me the tears came, so did the healing with the filling of The Holy Spirit.  

I praise God that I feel more alive inside, closer to Jesus, I am so thankful for what God is doing plus grateful for Pastor Grant’s and Kealy’s passion for prayer.

Thank you Rebekah for sharing your story of healing and your excitement of the things of God. 


I’ve always loved seeing the supernatural power of God in a church meeting, but in recent times that has become rare. Hub Church is an exception. The presence of God, and prophetic and healing gifts are frequently evident. In July 2020 I received a wonderfully clear and pertinent word of prophecy that spoke to God’s plan for my life, both in business and in what He had called me to do; and I received an immediate physical healing as well.


A year before this, I had sustained a hip injury that impacted exercise, sleep, and daily activities to a large degree. An MRI had confirmed three separate overuse injuries to the hip joint and after a year, I was really fed up with all the limitations of it! I had just booked in for another round of cortisone injections which would not fix the condition, only relieve the pain of it as the joint continued to deteriorate. After prophetic prayer, and believing that God had healed the condition, I cancelled the appointment. In the following weeks I returned to normal activities – sleeping well, walking my dogs, wearing high heels, cycling – with no pain. Two months later I bought a V-twin cruiser motorcycle. It’s three times my weight – the hip is still fine – and I’m enjoying an unencumbered life!