About Our Church

About Our Church

Welcome to your New Family

Here at the Hub Church we welcome you as family. Every single person is one that Christ lived, died and rose again for and our passion is to reveal His heart for you; right where you are.

God has graciously positioned us to awaken hearts and revive souls across the nations in this new decade of great harvest and revival.

The ultimate goal of this vibrant, Spirit filled church is to trigger, in people, a spiritual hunger for Christ and the life changing truth of His word.

It is our joy to “Rise up in splendour and be radiant” (Isaiah 60:1). We are unashamedly called to be the light of the world yet also be the servants that are willing to humbly wash feet.

It has been given to us to know prophetically the times and seasons that we are now in and, whilst fully surrendered to God, walk as ambassadors of Christ and carry His glory and power to a hurting and lost world.

If you are someone looking for wisdom or desiring to know the power of God, we draw you closer to the realness and fullness of Jesus, who is the ultimate power & wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:22-24).

We connect you to God, take you under our wings and teach you to practice the presence of God in a deep and intimate way.

Signs and wonders follow our ministry (healings and revival are prevalent here) as Christ is made manifest through the power of the Holy Spirit when His living word is shared (Mark 16:17).

The primary language of our church is love. We preach the gospel with love and live the life of love. Love is supreme and must reign over everything we do. We lead you to know how to understand and respond to the love of God.

We know that this love has been poured into our hearts and lives through the Holy Spirit (1 John 4:8, Romans 5:5).

All parts of our ministry, from Sunday services, to Kids’ Hub, Men’s or Women’s groups, are undergirded by prayer. We are a church that believes in the power of prayer and many miracles are born out of this joyful devotion.

We bring an uncompromised word and we pray that, as you join us, you will fall in love with the eternal word, as the word is a person called Jesus.

Come! Be refreshed and connect with us as we unfold the word of God.

Together, let’s spread the shining light of Jesus throughout our region (Psalms 119:130)!

About Leaders

Asher Sagayam

Asher Sagayam is the Senior Pastor of The Hub Church, Newcastle. He is a spiritual father and committed shepherd to his church family.  As a vibrant preacher, Asher brings true spiritual food and the living water of Christ, in His fullness, to all who hunger and thirst.

Asher carries a strong prophetic and healing anointing and travels internationally as a preacher and crusade speaker; bringing love and hope to the nations. He serves as the Australian Director of the International Apostolic and Prophetic Council, led by Dr. Kynan Bridges. God uses Asher’s ministry to stir up a spiritual hunger in the body of Christ; awakening revival in churches throughout the world with the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit and the realness of Jesus. He is also the overseer of Peniel Faith Mission and churches in India.


Despite Asher being born and raised as one of the third generation in a family of Pentecostal Christians, he walked away from God in his youth and found himself in the grips of the world, resulting in addictions to alcohol and drugs. Nevertheless, with watchful and praying parents and a calling on Asher’s life, God had a personal visit with Asher in his room. Here, he heard the voice of Jesus three times over two days. A dramatic conversion to Christ followed and Asher unreservedly surrendered and committed his life to serving God.

In 2009, Asher became the pastor of a church in Chennai, India and the first six months saw this discouraged church go through a dynamic revival and increase from twelve to one hundred and twenty encouraged people. Lives were touched, souls delivered and many healed by the power of God in that area. Today this church is established and has branched out into several churches across different parts of India.

From 2010 to 2015, God spoke to Asher through many prophets. The overarching theme was that his ministry would be in Australia. In 2010, Asher travelled to Australia for the first time as a missionary to preach the gospel among the Aboriginal people on Groote Eylandt in the Northern Territory. In his first meeting, God healed a paralyzed 16-year-old girl, which moved Asher’s heart towards Australia. Again in 2015, God opened doors for Asher to travel to Groote Eylandt as a missionary to do gospel work. In 2016, God gave two open visions to Asher (Click here to know more about the visions), where He showed how He is building the end time revival in Australia. Later in that vision, God spoke to Asher and told him that he was chosen as one among the men of God that He would strategically use to make a way for this end time revival.

Mid 2017 saw Asher leaving India and everything there behind to live and serve in Australia as a Pastor. Ever since this move, God has been expanding His kingdom work through Asher accompanied by signs and wonders, widening this ministry across the nation.

In 2019, God positioned Asher to take over The Hub Church from Pastor Ken Creed.

The Hub Church is an established church, rapidly growing and equipping many saints through different forums, such as Friday Night Revival, webcast programs and online meetings, in-person prayer meetings, Sunday services and our children’s ministry, Kids’ Hub. We give God all the glory as we stand firmly planted in His presence and the word, shining brightly as a beacon of hope and love to the nations. We are excited about the future!

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